Lifting Beam Trolley Main Features

- Aug 19, 2017-

Friends who have used the hydraulic lifting beam trolley should know that the device does not require power support and no pollution. In general. The main bright spot of the hydraulic lifting beam trolley is that the structure design is compact and reasonable, the transportation is flexible, the operation is simple, and the radius of turning is small and so on. Therefore, now the device has also been a very common application.

Lifting beam trolley.jpg

For example, we can in many factories, production workshops, warehouses or stations and other occasions to see the hydraulic lifting beam trolley, especially in some with fire, riot requirements of the occasion is more applicable, such as printing workshops, oil depots and so on. In the use of the device, not only can effectively achieve the unit of transport, but also can reduce the parts of the collision and friction, reduce the handling workload, improve handling efficiency.

So what do you know about the main features of the hydraulic lifting beam trolley? First of all, when used, the user can work through the foot hydraulic pump, which will rise to the required height of the platform. Second, the device is also equipped with a solid small casters, and with brake brakes, so that in the loading and unloading process is more secure.

Third, the lifting and landing of the hydraulic lifting beam trolley can be maintained in a very stable state, very convenient to operate. Fourth, its operation is more flexible, high security. Pure manual operation, and therefore will not produce sparks and electromagnetic fields. For this reason, in some fire, riot requirements of the occasion is very common.

Finally, this hydraulic lifting beam trolley is particularly used in the foot lift, so not only the use of more convenient, and do not need to use the power or diesel power.

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