Lifting Clamps For Plates selection and maintenance

- Jun 04, 2018-

The structural design of steel lifting clamps is generally relatively simple and does not require excessive maintenance during daily use. It is believed that we all know that when we hoist steel plate products, because the steel plate has sharp corners, if it is directly in direct contact with the ropes of the slings, it may cause damage to the steel wire ropes and even cause the wire ropes to break.


With the emergence of Lifting Clamps For Platess, this problem is well solved. However, for different usage requirements, we need to select the appropriate model to meet our requirements. In other words, we can choose according to the length and width of the steel plate, the stacking situation and so on. For example, horizontal hanging steel clamps are mainly used for horizontal lifting of steel plates. The stacked steel plate lifting pliers are mostly used for horizontal lifting of multi-layer steel plates and thick steel plates.


In addition, there is also a simple structure, reliable performance vertical lifting clamp, this type of steel lifting clamp is specifically used for vertical lifting of the steel plate. In addition, some are using flip tongs, which are mostly used for flips of shaped steels. It should be noted that, after using for a period of time, it is necessary to check whether the steel plate tongs are intact before going into the lifting operation. In particular, the tongs that have been used for a long time are replaced promptly if they are found to be seriously worn.


Therefore, if it is usually necessary to use steel Lifting Clamps For Platess for a long time, then we need to check and replace them regularly to ensure the safety of operations. It also needs to be carefully maintained daily, including the inspection before use, and the cleaning and lubrication work after use. It is hoped that all users will do this step patiently. If the inspection shows that the steel plate clamp is worn badly or the clamp clamp is not tight, it should be stopped and replaced with a completely new plate clamp.


Need to remind everyone that we are best equipped with two steel plate lifting pliers at the same time, in case of a steel Lifting Clamps For Plates problem occurs without replacement tools. After the work is completed, the steel lifting pliers should be properly kept, cleaned and lubricated.