Lifting equipment main features

- Aug 17, 2017-

From the existing lifting equipment, there are many common features, one of the obvious feature is the structure is relatively large, and the organization is complex, when used, is generally used for lifting movements, horizontal movement, etc. The In the actual operation, some lifting equipment from several different directions of the movement at the same time, with high technical difficulty.

The second common feature is that the general lifting equipment is used to lift a variety of heavy objects, so the load situation is different. Some heavy objects may reach hundreds of tons or even thousands of tons, there are some objects are larger, irregular shape and so on. In short, the lifting process is not only complex, but also has a certain risk. And in most cases, need to run in a larger space.

Otherwise it may not be able to successfully complete the operation of lifting. In our lives, there are some lifting equipment is the need to directly carry the staff in the rails, platforms or wire rope to do lifting movements, such as elevators, lifting platforms. Therefore, the reliability of these devices will directly affect the personal safety.

In addition, our common lifting equipment will generally be equipped with more moving parts, and a large part of which is the parts are exposed. Or some parts are directly in contact with the lifting operations personnel, so there are more occasional risk factors. And the lifting of the operation often need more people to cooperate with the common, so the operation more difficult.

Finally, under normal circumstances, the lifting equipment operating environment is more complex. For example, we can in the modern port, construction site, and even tourist attractions, see the lifting equipment figure. And its workplace also often encounter high temperature, high pressure, flammable and explosive and other risk factors, for equipment and operating personnel, have a certain risk.

lifting equipment

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