Lifting type and lifting process of vertical plate lifting clamps

- Feb 25, 2019-

In recent years, with the development of steel and other industries, steel plate lifting has become our problem. Fortunately, there are steel lifting clamps, the most common type of which is vertical steel lifting clamps. The hoisting type of the vertical plate lifting clamps includes vertical lifting, lifting H-beam, lifting drum (rolling plate), lifting of additional beams, lifting of two limbs, lifting of I-beam, three-point lifting and so on.


When using vertical plate lifting clampss, only one steel plate can be lifted at a time. If you want to lift multiple steel plates at a time, you can buy or stack steel plate clamps. At the same time, overloading is strictly forbidden; if the vertical plate lifting clampss are lifted from the steel plate, if there is serious inclination, the clamp should be reinstalled.


During the lifting process of the vertical plate lifting clamps, it is strictly forbidden to be impacted and impacted by the lifting steel plate; the lifting process should be as stable as possible, and it is strictly forbidden to stand or pass on the goods below. The surface hardness of the suspended steel plate shall not be greater than HB220. The vertical plate lifting clamps is not suitable for lifting stainless steel plates; oil is not allowed on the surface of the suspended parts of the steel plate.