Load Moving Skates Characteristics and Use Methods

- Aug 03, 2017-

Speaking of load moving skates, it is actually known as the turntable small tank, is a substitute for the traditional rolling bar of a handling equipment. Load moving skates is also more obvious, first of all, in fact, we will note that it is relatively small in size, followed by its load on the fact that it will be relatively large; there is its structure is used Forged steel plate, bearing pressure is very strong.
Load moving skates.jpg

The load moving skates used to transport the wheels of the silicone resin, the resistance of this material is relatively strong. Then, in fact, we should pay attention to it to a large extent in fact can protect the ground, to prevent the phenomenon of its primary oil pollution; sliding wheel does not need to carry out any maintenance, the surface also has rubber layer, so that played a protection Material, and can increase the role of friction.

Load moving skates has a very good stability, Moreover, in terms of another aspect of the words, we actually have to pay attention to what it shows the load capacity will be relatively large, you can wear a joystick and mobile convenience Turn, so that when it is in the operation of the time will be very convenient, we only need to cooperate with the top tools for use, that is, can greatly save its work cycle.

Speaking of the use of load moving skates, we actually use the time, not only can be used alone, but also a number of together to use, in terms of a single load moving skates, it can actually carry two to one hundred tons A cargo, a combination of multiple handling of small tanks, will be able to carry a weight of four hundred to six hundred tons of a large equipment.

Load moving skates in the use of very convenient time, with time-saving features, on the forest in terms of one aspect, we actually have to pay attention to is to move the load moving skates is concerned, it is actually an ideal tool for handling heavy equipment The It is in a very large extent that it can be used instead of the gantry.

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