Load moving skates applications and advantages

- Oct 09, 2017-

Load moving skates can be called turntable small tank, is a handling equipment. Suitable for the handling of some machinery and equipment, especially for some large equipment and the distance from this situation. In addition, it can also be used with pry bars or claw jacks and other handling tools in order to have a good handling effect and to achieve the movement of heavy goods, thus saving time and manpower.


Load moving skates can be classified according to different standards. If the way by the points, there are crawler, climbing, rubber and air cushion, and so on. And from its specifications point of view, it is a large and small points.


The advantages of Load moving skates: pressure capacity, load-bearing capacity and easy to move and easy to operate. In addition, because the product itself is simple, so in maintenance, it does not need to spend too much time and effort, and even, can be maintenance-free.


Handling different parts of the tank is a different material, specifically speaking, its own, using a forged steel plate, and on the wheels, it is for the silicone resin.

The use of Load moving skates can be either alone or in combination with multiple. Because it is a single can carry 100 tons of the following goods, if it is more than one, you can carry hundreds of tons of goods. In addition, in some equipment installation process, can also be used instead of gantry.


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