Load test and smooth work of manual lever hoist

- Aug 24, 2018-

The manual lever hoist belongs to the no-load test. When no load is applied, the forward rod and the reverse rod are reciprocated three times. Observing the working condition of the mechanism, there should be no card group phenomenon. The rated load test: testing on the special test bench, the hand force and The handle reciprocating once the wire rope stroke should meet the standard requirements.

The dynamic load test of the manual lever hoist is tested on a special test rig. It is mainly loaded with 1.1 times rated load. It is raised and lowered once. The distance of each wire rope movement should not be less than 200mm. The whole machine should work smoothly and reliably.

Static load test: On a special test bench, gradually load to 1.5 times the rated load and stay for 10 minutes. The clamp and clamping plate must not have permanent deformation that affects the performance. On the material testing machine, gradually load to 2 times the rated load through the center of the hook cavity, and then remove the load after staying for 1 min, and check the hook port deformation of the hook, which should not exceed 0.25%. On the material testing machine, the hook is gradually loaded to 4 times the rated load through the center of the hook cavity, and the hook should be able to reliably support 1 min.