Machine moving skates are ideal for carrying heavy equipment

- Jun 11, 2018-

Machine moving skates belong to a new type of handling equipment. For example, when large equipment needs to be transported or the distance is relatively long, it can be used in combination with a crowbar or a claw jack. In this way, for heavy goods The movement will be very labor-saving and will save a lot of time. In short, the machine handling tank is easy to use, saves time and effort, and is an ideal tool for carrying heavy equipment.


Because of its many advantages, the machine moving skates have a relatively small capacity, but it has a strong load capacity. It can be used for the transport of heavy objects such as small, medium, large, heavy equipment containers. The equipment is made of high-quality forged steel plate and has strong pressure bearing capacity. The material of the wheel is made of a silicone resin with strong resistance to pressure, and also has the function of protecting the ground and preventing oil pollution.


When using such a machine to carry a tank, the sliding wheel does not generally require additional maintenance. The surface of the sliding wheel protects the material and increases the friction. The stability of the device is good, and it can be equipped with joysticks, mobile steering and convenient steering.


Not only that, but the handling of this type of machine moving skates are also very simple and it only needs to be used in conjunction with the top-up tool, which can greatly save the work cycle. Without maintenance, the product itself is simple and does not require maintenance. In different applications, the user can select a single use in combination with a specific situation, or combine multiple transport tanks together so that heavier cargoes can be handled.


Combining with the current application situation, when handling some heavy objects, it is very convenient to use a plurality of machines to carry the combination of tanks, which can completely replace the rollers used in the conventional handling equipment. The machine handling tank is easy to use, saves time and effort, and is loved by users. And when some equipment is installed in place, it can also replace the gantry and get good results.