Maintenance and maintenance of the trolley hoist systems

- Sep 21, 2017-

Under normal circumstances, Trolley hoist systems maintenance and maintenance content is divided into two categories, namely: a maintenance and maintenance of second-level maintenance and maintenance content. So what do you know exactly what is included? In fact, understanding the content will help us better protect the trolley hoist systems and make it reasonable.

First of all, to share with you about the trolley hoist systems maintenance and maintenance content. This part of the content mainly refers to the system of mechanical transmission parts, electrical equipment and metal structure of the three major parts of a comprehensive inspection. This will promptly identify potential problems and avoid problems. In the maintenance process, we need to check the various lubrication points and lubrication to ensure that the lubrication effect.

In the process of inspection, if there are individual parts of a serious problem, it should be timely repair or replacement, so as not to affect the trolley hoist systems application effect. In addition, electrical components in the system should be checked and maintained. For the possible damage to the machine, electrical parts, should be as predictable repair content for technical preparations, so that the next repair work can be arranged.

The above is mainly about the level of maintenance and maintenance of the content, the following to understand what is the second maintenance. In general, the secondary maintenance and maintenance not only contains all the maintenance and maintenance of the contents of a level, but also includes the trolley hoist systems work frequently, the load of large machines, electrical parts for inspection, cleaning, repair or replacement T

In addition, the electrical circuit in the trolley hoist systems should be checked in all directions and all aging wiring and damaged electrical components should be replaced in a timely manner.

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