Maintenance of steel plate lifting clamp

- Jul 25, 2017-

Steel plate lifting clamps in the use of the process must pay attention to its maintenance, equipment in the use of about a week, then the need for an effective lubrication of its lubrication, so that the plate can make the lifting force energetic.
The screw part of the bolt, bearing and pressure nut of the steel plate lifting clamps needs to be effectively lubricated by adding oil, and then effectively effectively wipe the spherical chuck and the screw of the clamping bolt, if it is not clean, then In the thread attached to the grease is easy to slip, the operation is very dangerous.
In the use of regular use of the plate lifting clamp to do cleaning, do not let the dirt will have hiding place, in the run when you need to use a rag or wire ball clip caught in the steel hanging clamp movable parts and chuck As well as debris on the clamping bolt.
When you can not remove the debris, the timely replacement of the spherical chuck and clamping bolts. Extended service life. When lifting the lifting rod of the steel plate, it is necessary to pay special attention to the fact that it is strictly prohibited to enter the lifting range where the hanging material may be overturned. As the steel plate lifting clamp has the structural characteristics of reducing the clamping force.
When the plate lifting clamps is overturned, if its staff is in the range of lifting, it is very prone to accident. When installing the plate lifting clamp, make sure that the insert plate lifting clamp can not be inserted too shallow if inserted Too shallow, it is easy to make the clamp off and the accident;
In the fixed plate lifting clamp heavy objects, to ensure that the main body of the plate lifting clamp not to tilt, to ensure that the opening is parallel to the hanging material, if the lifting clamps body tilt, quickly release the tightening bolts, adjust the steel plate Re-clamp the main body position, and then re-install.

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