Manual chain block hanging position, method and process of casing

- Nov 14, 2018-

In many occasions, the use of manual chain block requires finding a fixed suspension position and safely suspending the chain hoist for subsequent lifting operations. If we use the chain hoist frequently in fixed occasions, then we should choose the position to be hung before the purchase, and then select the appropriate type of chain hoist according to the lifting height and the tonnage of the operation.


Secondly, the hanging point of the manual chain block must be firm. Under normal circumstances, we need to choose to use the center position of the chain hoist hook to suspend, so that during the lifting or lowering of the weight, it is not easy to cause the swinging arc to be too large and cause the weight to fall. The chain hoist can be hung on the steel beam, on the I-beam, on the crane, on the gantry, and so on, it is very convenient.


The cover is equivalent to the face of the chain hoist. At the outer end of the chain hoist, it is a chain hoist image. It has the function of protecting the internal parts of the body and beautifying the appearance. It is divided into a circle and a triangle. It is made of high-quality alloy steel, which makes the casing easy to use. In the production process, the diamond pressing molding technology is adopted, which has a strong special concave and convex feeling, so that the shell is beautiful. Then there is the painting, every hoist needs this process, not only to look good but also to prevent corrosion.