Manual chain block maintenance method and braking device

- May 28, 2018-

In the process of operation, the manual chain block is used as an upgraded version of the fixed pulley, which inherits the advantages of the fixed pulley to a certain degree. In the process of operation, the reverse speed brake and the chain pulley block are also adopted. Combined, symmetrically arranged secondary spur gear rotating structure, simple, durable and efficient.

The manual chain block is effective to a certain extent through its manual turning of the chain and the sprocket wheel rotation. During the operation process, the brake seat of the friction plate and the ratchet wheel are effectively pressed together to rotate integrally, and the long shaft rotates the sheet. Gear, tooth stub shaft and spline hole gear.

The chain hoist device drives the lifting chain with the lifting sprocket on the splined hole gear, so as to smoothly lift its weight during operation, and mainly uses its ratchet friction plate type one-way brake when used. , Under the load can automatically brake, pawl under the action of the spring and the ratchet mesh, the brake work safely.

Chain hoist maintenance method

1. When the manual chain block hoist is in use, the hoist should be cleaned and coated with rust-proof grease, stored in a dry place to prevent rust and corrosion of the chain block hoist.

2. Maintenance and overhaul should be carried out by those who are familiar with the hoist mechanism. Clean the hoist parts with kerosene and lubricate the gears and bearings to prevent them from being disassembled and installed without understanding the performance principle of the machine.

3. After the gourd has been cleaned and repaired, an empty test shall be carried out to confirm that the work is normal and the brake is reliable before it can be delivered for use.

4. The friction surface of the brake must be kept clean. The brake part should be checked frequently to prevent the brake from malfunctioning and heavy weight falling from the device.

5. The rollers of the left and right bearings of the lifting sprocket of the chain block can be attached to the inner ring of the bearing that has been press-fitted on the journal of the lifting sprocket and then put into the outer ring of the bearing of the wall plate.

During the installation of the manual chain block and the braking device, the chain hoist needs to pay attention to the good engagement between the ratchet teeth and the pawl pawl, and the control of the pawl by the spring should be flexible and reliable. After the hand sprocket is installed, Turn the sprocket wheel clockwise to press the ratchet wheel and the friction plate against the brake seat. Turn the sprocket wheel counterclockwise to leave a gap between the ratchet wheel and the friction plate.