Manual chain hoist working principle and operation

- Feb 28, 2018-

Manual chain hoists, manual operation is to achieve a small equipment or goods by lifting the short distance. Lifting capacity will not exceed 10 tons, individual products up to 20 tons. Lifting height is generally not more than 6 meters.


Manual chain hoist works, when the heavy lifting up, it is clockwise to pull the manual chain, so that the hand wheel rotation. When it descends, it is pulling the hand-held anti-clockwise chain to separate the brake and the brake pad, so that the weight can be lifted smoothly.

The characteristics of chain hoists, is rugged, durable, and, when used safe and reliable.


Manual chain hoist operation to use

(1) Manual chain hoists, is prohibited overloading and super performance use, and, in addition to manpower, can not use other power to operate.

(2) Prior to use, it is necessary to carry out the necessary inspection work, mainly to see whether its various parts are intact, can work normally, and whether there are potential safety problems. If there is any problem, we should promptly solve the problem and can not let the hand chain hoist work.

(3) When pulling the manual chain, the operator should stand in the same plane as the chain wheel, and can not be inclined. If the hand tension greater than normal tension, then it should immediately stop using, so as not to damage the manual chain hoist, or an accident or danger.

(4) Wait until the heavy objects are safely and surely lowered to the ground, then remove the hook of the manual chain block and do not hang under the heavy objects. After the hand chain hoist is used, it should be handled gently and stored in a dry and ventilated place, and smeared with lubricating oil and anti-rust oil to prevent rusting and corrosion.