Manual Geared Trolleyl driving and proper installation

- Oct 18, 2018-

Light and small lifting equipment for single-track driving, simple and efficient design, compact structure, small installation size; convenient wheel spacing adjustment, suitable for a variety of I-beams; can be used with chain hoists, electric chain hoists The lifting products are matched to form a lifting transport trolley.


The monorail driving is driven by a bracelet, walking on the lower flange of the I-beam track, and the chain hoist is hung on the lower part of the driving. The walking type chain hoist can be installed on the straight or curved monorail overhead transportation line or manually. The single-beam bridge cantilever crane is widely used in equipment installation and cargo lifting in factories, miners' docks, docks, warehouses and machine rooms, especially in the maintenance of equipment without power supply.


When installing a single-track vehicle, the number of adjusting washers on the inner side of the lifting ring to the left and right wall panels should be equal. However, in order to ensure the clearance between the side of the rail and the edge of the roller, the number of adjusting washers on both sides of the lifting ring is allowed to be one piece. After installing on the track, pre-tighten the nut on the hanging shaft and hang the light load for trial operation. After the roller and the track are on, tighten the outer nut. Pay special attention to the fact that the nuts must be locked to each other.


After the single-track driving is installed, the gap between the rolling sleeve and the track ground must be adjusted to reach the specified value. The specific adjustment method is to loosen the nut first, move the roller sleeve shaft to make the clearance reach the specified value, and then tighten the nut to ensure that the single-track driving can be in the best working condition.