Manual lever hoist protection and scope of application

- Dec 05, 2018-

In some cases, in order to enhance the safety of the manual hoist, it is necessary to set the corresponding overload protection device. This is a special protection for the operator, hoist and load. When the load is greater than the set value, the overload protection is automatically activated and the hoist lift will automatically stop.


The main components of the manual hoist are made of high-quality aluminum alloy. The chain is made of high-strength lifting chain, high-strength foot hook, chain heat treatment, low-wear and anti-corrosion chain; calcined hook The design ensures a slow lift to prevent overload. The manual hoist is a hand-held lifting device that is easy to carry. The lifting weight is generally 0.5 to 50 tons, and the lifting height is 30 meters.


At present, the manual hoist is mainly used for production and construction of factories, miners, etc. It can also be used for cargo lifting, vehicle loading and unloading, etc., especially for open air and no power supply operations, and has more important functions. In addition to being used alone, the manual hoist can be used with all types of hand-drawn monorails to form a hoisting and transporting trolley. It can realize the function of lifting heavy objects from left to right. It is suitable for monorail overhead transportation, single girder overhead cranes and cantilever cranes. .