Manual lever hoist superiority and use, maintenance rules

- Jan 29, 2018-

Manual lever hoist is an efficient and versatile manual hoisting machine widely used in shipbuilding, electric power, transportation, construction, mining, post and telecommunications industries, is mainly responsible for equipment installation, lifting items, mechanical parts traction, etc., Showed obvious advantages.


Compared to the traditional crane, manual lever hoist is not only small, light weight, easy to carry; and good performance, easy maintenance, safe, reliable, durable; its hand power is relatively small, you can efficiently complete the relevant operations , Its narrow workplace, field, aerial work and a variety of different angles of the pull even more unique advantages.


In order to achieve the desired effect, manual lever hoist prohibit overloading use; at the same time is prohibited to use other than human power operation. Before use, make sure the keys are intact, the transmission part and lifting chain lubricate well, and the idling condition is normal. Do not forget to check the upper and lower hook is hooked; lifting the chain may not have the wrong link, to ensure safety.


When operating manual lever hoist, if it is found that the hand force is greater than the normal board force, should immediately stop using. And then check whether heavy objects implicated with other objects; gourd machine parts for damage; weight is beyond the hoist's rated load.


In order to extend the service life of the manual lever hoist, it should be cleaned and coated with anti-rust grease after use, stored in a dry place. On the manual lever hoist gear installation should use two pieces of paper gear, hand wheel in the friction plate ratchet) case, the hand wheel and hexagonal slotted nut both ends of the distance should be controlled at 0.2-0.5mm.


In addition, the manual lever hoist brake friction surface must be kept clean, brake parts should be checked regularly, ruled out all the negative impact of manual lever hoist normal use.