Manual Plain Trolley Rust How To Solve

- Jul 31, 2017-

There may be some friends do not understand, in fact, we use the Monorail plain trolley is rarely used alone, in practice, often need to work with electric hoist and other supporting use. For the current application, the use of manual plain trolley is still very wide range, for example, we can apply it to factories, mines, docks, warehouses and construction sites.

As a result of manual plain trolley has many advantages, such as its structural design compact and reasonable, only take up very little installation space. But also in the use of the process, but also very safe and convenient, but also can be fundamentally different requirements to adjust the wheel spacing. So by a lot of users welcome, but in the use of the process, but also had to pay attention to a problem, that is rusty.

Plain trolley.jpg

To know that if there is rust problem, then it will seriously affect the use of manual plain trolley and the use of life, so we not only in a timely manner, but also need to strengthen preventive measures. Here, we want to provide some suggestions for your reference. First of all, in the use of the process, we should try to avoid the collision and other issues to prevent the surface of the paint off.

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Second, during use, we should take as much as possible to control the air and rain and other opponents push the monorail body corrosion. If you do not use it for a long time, it should be cleaned before being placed in a dry and clean environment and covered with plastic sheet. In addition, it is necessary to apply grease to the exposed parts.

Finally, I hope everyone in the purchase of manual plain trolley when the time, we must pay attention to the purchase of genuine. To know that the production process of formal products is very particular about, and generally will use more advanced paint technology, this will be able to achieve a good anti-rust effect.

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