Manual use of plain trolley and driving methods

- Apr 16, 2018-

The plain trolley is very safe in use and the maintenance of the equipment is simple and convenient. The installation size of the manual monorail is compact and the structure is compact. The wheel spacing adjustment of the manual monorail is very convenient and can be applied to the operation. A variety of I-beams.

The left and right wallboard hinges of the manual plain trolley will be effectively under the effect of gravity to a certain extent, so that the height can be automatically adjusted, so that the four wheels will be evenly distributed, and the manual monorail will be small and the transmission force will be small. With high efficiency, it is possible to drive on bends with a small radius of gyration.

The manual trolley is mainly driven by a bracelet. During the operation, it walks at the lower edge of the I-beam's rail. To a certain extent, a chain hoist, single beam or cantilever crane can be constructed with a chain hoist.

Manual plain trolleys are widely used in operations such as warehouses, construction sites, mines, docks, and factories. Their equipment is used to install machinery and equipment. Such equipment is ideal for operations at non-powered locations, and manual monorail operations. Safe to use, easy to maintain.

Manual monorails are prohibited from being used during the driving process, and any personnel are forbidden to walk or work under heavy objects. When lifting heavy objects by manual monorail, they should be centered on the plane of the steel web where the I-shaped steel webs are located. Otherwise, please do not Lifting. The monorail trolley shall be operated so that the hand zipper strips are forced in the center plane of the sprocket wheel and must not be pulled diagonally.