Many precautions when working on a machinery moving skates

- Nov 19, 2018-

When using machinery moving skates, the obstacles such as gravel and iron filings on the road surface should be cleaned. On the road surface, the transportation should be smooth, and the idlers should be away from the working range. Due to the uneven road surface or some unpredictable working conditions, not every small tank should be operated at work, and extra strength should be set aside for emergency needs.


When the machinery moving skate is carried out, it should be slowed down, especially when the operation is urgent, do not panic and fly quickly, so it is easy to cause danger, so even in an emergency, you should do it. Don't panic, everything is safe to ensure the safety of the work.


When transporting slightly larger loads or equipment, it should be done using a combination of three or more mechanical handling tanks. When moving too high or too narrow objects, it may cause instability of the center of gravity when going straight or turning. Therefore, when carrying such objects, take appropriate measures to avoid damage to the goods caused by falling objects during operation. s consequence.


For machinery moving skates, it is the wheels that are more likely to be damaged. Therefore, it is necessary to inspect the mechanically moving tank wheels from time to time. If it is found that there is inflexibility of rotation or excessive gap between bearings, it should be replaced with new ones. Match the wheels before you can continue working.