Multi plate clamp use instructions

- Apr 23, 2018-

Multi plate clamp is also used in the steel plate lifting process. Because of its unique features, it can clamp the steel plate and complete lifting. The relative devices of the hinges of the multiple splints, the support plates, the tie rods, and the tie rods are determined after testing and comparison by coordinate mapping. The relative position determines the direction of the force of the claws and the size of the jaws. .


After the object is caught, the jaws should be removed from the grasped weight so that the clamp will be clamped when the clamp is lifted. When lifting the thin plate, the rotation angle of the pull rod is larger, and the horizontal component force exerted by the heavy arm is also large, and the grip generated by the claws is very strong. When the heavy plate is lifted, although the rotation angle of the pull rod is small, the horizontal force component exerted by the heavy arm is small, but due to the leverage of the claw itself, the heavy object still has a strong grasping force.


Therefore, multi plate clamp can work normally and reliably within the range of 1-60 mm of lift. In addition to lifting heavy objects, it can also be used for pulling work, such as using it to pull out the steel bars stuck in the iron shell. Other angle steels, I-beams, and the like that are pulled out of the building site are also applicable. In short, it is very convenient to work as long as you can.


The small hooks on the multi plate clamp can be used when the jaws are in the open state without gripping the heavy object. After the heavy object is clamped into the jaws, the small hook is opened and lifted up, ie, the work is performed. After the lifting is completed, Hang the hook and the crane can lift the tongs without manpower.


Multiple plywood lifting steel plates can be lifted horizontally and vertically, with the jaws fully snapped in as well. From the horizontal position to the vertical position, the claws gradually grasp the steel plate. When the steel plate is in the upright position, there is no danger of falling down, because as long as the center of gravity is over, the tongs will grip.