Oil drum lifting clamp design requirements and operation is simple

- Jun 10, 2019-

It is widely used to oil drum lifting clamps and steel boxes with reinforcing primary edges.


The single oil pump clamp allows the lifting weight to be the rated load. The lifting operation can be used alone or in groups. Do not collide with the object to be lifted during lifting The test load is twice the rated load and the breaking load is 4 times the rated load.


Oil drum lifting clamp design


1. Use within the rated range of the tool. Check whether the cargo is in the load range before use. Do not use overload.


2. Do not use it in an environment with a lot of dust and acidity. The dust on the steel plate clamp will increase the friction and affect the progress of the work.


3. Check the threads of the clamped steel plate for oil or other substances. The oil is easily detached after the threads are wetted.


4. The thickness of the oil lifting clamp should conform to the opening size of the steel plate clamp. It should be used within the after-hours range. Be careful not to lift multiple steel plates at the same time.


5. In order to cause tilting or unstable center of gravity, use two or more steel plate clamps as much as possible to ensure safe lifting.