Oil drum lifting clamp features and precautions

- Aug 27, 2018-

The oil drum lifting clamp has the characteristics of evenly distributed horizontal lifting during the operation. When lifting the crane, it is necessary to effectively open the lifting jaws, firmly clamp the heavy objects to be operated, and then lift. When disassembling, remove the lifting clamps after the heavy objects have landed and without load.

The oil drum lifting clamp will be effectively equipped with a self-locking device, which is very safe and reliable in the process of operation. Easy to operate, high efficiency and easy maintenance. The lifting clamps produced by the Yangtze River COSCO slings are made of high-quality steel, which is safe and reliable in operation, compact in structure and light in weight. It is used with fixed hanging beams, easy to install and quick and convenient to adjust the clamping width. Widely used in automotive, aviation, metallurgy and other fields.

Oil drum lifting clamp precautions

1. Suspension loading and unloading operations must be carried out by qualified personnel for hanging and hanging operations.

2. Select the tongs that match the purpose.

3. Use within the allowable load range and must not be overloaded.

4. Use within the allowable thickness range.

5. Do not enter the lifting work area or flip area.

6. Do not knock or impact the hanging objects and spreaders.