Oil Drum lifting clamp selection

- Apr 02, 2018-

Oil drum lifting clamp play an important role in oil production. They can easily lift oil drums to designated locations. At present, the barrel lifting clamps on the market are meticulously classified and have many varieties and models. If you do not know the selection method and buy blindly, you cannot often use the barrel lifting clamps that are required for use.


When selecting the oil drum lifting clamp, first select the model according to the purpose of use or the hanging objects such as oil drums, such as vertical lifting or horizontal lifting. Followed by the selection of the maximum use of the equipment and the use of specifications. The maximum use load is selected based on the weight of the load or the lifting method using several steel ropes, and the use specifications are selected based on the diameter of the load.


Regardless of the type of drum lifting clamp that is ultimately selected, when it is in operation, the lower work area must be unmanned. This is to ensure the personal safety of operators and unrelated personnel. Because there are many problems encountered in the process of cargo lifting, once the cargo falls, it will cause unpredictable damage to the safety of personnel in the work area.


Therefore, before the oil drum lifting clamp operation, the personnel in the working area must be evacuated, so that the operating area can be instantly converted to a no-man's land. Only in this way can the operator be at ease when working, and only in this way can the goods fall down. Under the circumstances, the loss will be minimized.


In addition, when the lifting jacks of the oil drums are used for lifting operations, the work area below must be in a no-man's land area. This is not only for the smooth operation of the drums, but also for the safety of others' lives.