Oil drum lifting clamp specific use and the use of essential things

- Sep 14, 2017-

Oil drum lifting clamp, which literally, is a lifting clamp used to lift the oil drum, so it can be referred to as an oil bucket pliers.

1. oil bucket pliers, that is, Oil drum lifting clamp, its specific use, what is it?

Oil bucket pliers, that is, Oil drum lifting clamp, in its specific use, in addition to can be used for oil drum lifting, there are some other uses, such as iron lifting, as well as some steel, fiber , Or other hoop bucket free. So, this kind of lifting clamp, its application, or quite a lot.

2. Can I use a wire clamp on an oil drum lifting clamp?

Oil drum lifting clamp This kind of lifting clamp, on top of it, is the use of wire pliers, so in this question two, the answer is yes. Moreover, the use of its wire clamp, in general, is the use of coated wire rope or strand of these two. If it has an explosion-proof requirement, then you can also use the explosion-proof type to ensure the safety of the use.

3. What are the things that we have to know when using oil drums?

The specific answer to this question is:

(1) For the use of Oil drum lifting clamp, for the drum outside the hanging parts, can not be used.

(2) the weight of the oil drum should be confirmed in advance, whether the lifting clamp can withstand the range, so as not to use its range. And, for the safety of lifting, in the determination of the lifting point, to be correct and appropriate.

(3) Oil drum lifting clamp, which in the lifting process, for the hanging pieces, can not stay in the air for a long time, because this may be a problem. In addition, there should be a corresponding maintenance system and measures, and regular inspection, so that in order to ensure the service life of lifting clamp.

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