Oil Drum Lifting Clamps inspection and operating range

- Jun 28, 2018-

The drum lifting clamp must be suspended by the person who is qualified to suspend the loading operation. To a certain extent, an effective selection and use of the lifting clamp, the barrel lifting clamp is allowed in the allowable load range. For internal use, do not overload and use within the allowable thickness range.

The drum lifting pliers shall not enter the working range of the hoisting or turning area. During the operation, the lifting pliers shall not knock or impact the hanging objects and the spreaders. During use, the hanging objects shall not be moved or stopped sharply. Avoid heavy lifting. Use 2 or more tongs for safety.

Oil Drum Lifting Clamps inspection

l, drum lifting clamp surface should be smooth and smooth, no cracks, damage, welding should be thoroughly penetrated, no slag, no welding deformation.

2. There is no crack in the lifting rings, shaft holes, etc. of the lifting clamp of the oil drum, and the amount of wear of the rings does not exceed 10% of the original diameter.

3. The barrel lifting clamp must be tested with twice the safety load and maintained for five minutes. After unloading, a full inspection shall be carried out without permanent deformation.