Oil Drum Lifting Clamps operation requirements and precautions

- Mar 20, 2019-

When the Oil Drum Lifting Clamp is used, the lifting object should not be moved abruptly or stopped abruptly. When lifting the operation, avoid lifting weight. For safety, it is best to use more than two lifting clamps. Check before use, bite, gasket, blockage between teeth, wear and other abnormal phenomena, and then use after inspection.

Oil drum lifting clamp operation requirements


1. When using the oil drum tongs, follow the instructions in the manual. Do not operate in violation of regulations.


2. Check the work before lifting to prevent damage to the oil drum tongs.


3. The oil drum tongs should be ensured to rise smoothly during the lifting process. There is liquid in the oil drum to ensure stability and prevent liquid from benefiting.


4. When placing the oil drum when the work is lowered, be careful not to shake it, and also keep it in a stable state to prevent it from falling.


5. In order to protect the oil drum tongs, the oil drum tongs must be maintained, and the lubricant should be applied in time to reduce the friction of the oil drum tongs and the oil drum can be safely lifted.


Precautions for the use of oil drum lifting clamps


For the construction workers, it is necessary to pay attention to them all the time and develop good maintenance habits in order to better control the oil drum tongs and carry out smooth construction work.