Oil drum lifting clamps use and use precautions

- May 01, 2019-

The oil drum lifting clamp is a tool for lifting the articles during use. It can be divided into horizontal lifting clamps, vertical lifting clamps and inverted lifting clamps according to the way of lifting.


Use of oil drum lifting clamp


The oil drum lifting clamp has the characteristics of evenly distributed horizontal lifting when used. When lifting, the lifting jaw can be opened during operation, firmly clamped on the heavy object to be worked, and then lifted. When disassembling, remove the lifting clamps after the heavy objects have landed and without load. The vertical lifting clamp has a self-locking device for safe and reliable work. Easy to operate, high efficiency and easy maintenance.


Oil drum lifting clamp use


1. The hanging and loading operation of the oil drum lifting clamp must be carried out by the qualified person in the hanging and loading operation.


2. The oil drum lifting clamp uses a lifting clamp that matches the purpose.


3. The oil drum lifting clamp is used within the allowable load range and must not be overloaded.


4. The oil drum lifting clamp is used within the allowable plate thickness range.


5. The oil drum lifting clamps shall not enter the lifting work range or the turning area.


6. Oil drum lifting clamps must not be knocked or impacted on lifting objects and spreaders.


7. The oil drum lifting clamp shall not cause the hanging object to move sharply or stop sharply.