Operation requirements and explosion-proof performance of heavy equipment moving skates

- Dec 24, 2018-

Heavy-duty equipment handling tanks are a type of van that has certain explosion-proof performance when used. There are mainly battery explosion-proof forklifts and battery explosion-proof trucks. The factors causing the explosion caused by sparks, static electricity, temperature, etc. have been comprehensively dealt with. The motor and electric appliance are designed to be explosion-proof, and the power supply unit is designed to be explosion-proof. It is suitable for hazardous areas with explosive gas mixtures in the petroleum, chemical, textile, pharmaceutical, food, defense and other industrial sectors. It is used for handling, handling and stacking of goods.

heavy equipment moving skates are, to a certain extent, vehicles that do not require a driver for industrial applications, with rechargeable batteries as their power source. Generally, the travel route and behavior can be controlled by a computer, or the electromagnetic track can be used to set up a travel route, the electromagnetic track is adhered to the floor, and the unmanned transport vehicle moves and moves according to the information brought by the electromagnetic track.

Heavy-duty equipment handling tank mining equipment, special handling tools specially designed for mining heavy-duty machinery such as mining hydraulic supports, mining, etc., which not only improve labor efficiency, but also achieve safe transportation, especially in working surface layout and When the noodles are moved, they reflect their economic and convenient features.