Performance characteristics and lifting form of horizontal plate clamp

- Sep 13, 2018-

It is made of low-alloy high-strength structural steel and is manufactured by heat treatment. The horizontal plate clamp has the advantages of good performance and light weight. In the test of the load performance of the horizontal lifting steel lifting clamp, the breaking load is 4 times the ultimate working load with a double limit working load. This cross clamp is only suitable for horizontal lifting of steel plates.


The lifting form of the horizontal plate clamp is different. When the basic usage is adopted, it is mainly connected by a beam to form two pairs of transverse tongs. It should be noted that the safe working load of the transverse tongs refers to the load of a pair of (two) transverse tongs; the thickness of the hoisting steel plate refers to the thickness range of the safety lifting steel plate of the tongs, and the actual opening degree of the tongs should be greater than the thickness of the steel plate. Before lifting, you must first check whether the weight and thickness of the steel plate match the cross clamp.


When using other lifting forms, it is necessary to reduce the load usage appropriately. Normally, β ≤ 45° is specified. At β = 45°, the hoisting load of the transverse tongs is 0.5 times of the original lifting load; at β = 30°, the hoisting load of the horizontal lifting jib lifting tongs It is 0.75 times of the original lifting load.