Performance characteristics and precautions of drum lifting clamp

- Oct 29, 2018-

The drum lifting clamp can meet our needs according to several different models during the operation. Our door can adopt different types of steel plate clamps according to the length and width of the steel plate and the stacking situation. Commonly used horizontal hanging steel clamps, mainly used for horizontal lifting of steel plates, laminated steel lifting clamps, mainly used for horizontal lifting of multi-layer steel plates and thick steel plates; vertical lifting clamps, specially used for vertical lifting of steel plates, flipping Hanging clamps are mainly used for the flipping of steel sections.

Performance characteristics of drum lifting clamp

1. The roller lifting clamp has light weight and is made of low-alloy high-strength structural steel and heat-treated.

2. The transverse tong test load is 2 times the ultimate working load, and the breaking load is 4 times the ultimate working load.

3. Horizontal hanging steel lifting clamps are only suitable for horizontal lifting of steel plates.

How to use the drum lifting clamp and precautions

Roller lifting clamps When the thickness of the lifting device exceeds the applicable range of the horizontal clamp, the horizontal steel plate clamp should be replaced, and overloading is strictly prohibited. In actual use, there should be a gap between the steel plate and the ground, and the gap should be slightly larger than the thickness of the bottom of the clamp. Manually remove the tongs of the cross tongs to the maximum opening, and clamp the cross tongs on the steel plate, with the side of the steel plate contacting the inner side of the transverse tongs. Before lifting, check that the center of gravity of the steel plate should be at the center of the polygons of the two sets of tongs.