Performance description of horizontal plate lifting clamps

- Aug 31, 2018-

The horizontal plate lifting clamps. To ensure the quality of the product, our horizontal crane is made of high quality carbon combined with gold steel to ensure the lifting capacity of the steel wrench and the lifting capacity. , thereby further improving the use capacity of the horizontal hanging steel lifting clamp.


horizontal plate lifting clamps performance profile:

Uses: It is suitable for horizontal plate lifting clamps. If the steel plate to be lifted is relatively long, balance beam should be added.

Note: This product is made of low-carbon high-quality alloy steel, usually with two tests as the rated load, and two or four groups in the lifting operation.

Do not collide with the object to be lifted during lifting, please read the product manual carefully before use.

The test load of the horizontal plate lifting clamps is twice the maximum working load, and the breaking load is four times the rated load. The rated load refers to the maximum load that the lifting clamp is allowed to lift when used in pairs. Do not overload.

In addition, during use, attention should be paid to standard operation to ensure safe lifting.