Pipe Lifting Clamps Applications

- Apr 26, 2018-

Pipe lifting clamps is a kind of mechanical equipment mainly used in electric power, ships, automobile manufacturing, construction, roads, bridges, metallurgy, mining, slope tunnels, wells and other infrastructure construction protection, horizontal lifting of all kinds of metal pipe It is done through it effectively.


The pipe lifting clamps are made of high-quality low-carbon high-alloy steel, so that they have high strength, light weight, convenient transportation and flexibility, and they can be lifted and transported without external assistance. Safe and reliable. Two lifting pliers are used as the test load and two of the lifting operations are used in groups.


Its shutters are made of high-strength and high-wear-resistant alloy steel. They are flexible in movement and have a long service life. The connection between the spreader and the customer's crane can be more custom-designed to meet the lifting requirements under various operating conditions. Requirements to ensure that the pipe is hoisted to the designated location.


As a round steel spreader, the pipe lifting clamps are suitable for horizontal and vertical lifting of the round pipe, but it is required to prevent other objects from colliding during the lifting process. At the same time, overloaded use is strictly prohibited, and the safe lifting can be extended simultaneously. The service life of the equipment.


Pipe lifting clamps and steel plate lifting pliers are both lifting tools, so the safety regulations that they need to follow during operation are the same, so the two have many things in common. The main difference is that the former is the pipe to be lifted. The latter is a plate.