Pipe lifting clamps lubrication and related operations

- Jan 04, 2018-

Pipe lifting clamps in the use of about 1-15 days for a cycle, which requires the user to lubricate it once. This will to a large extent make the steel pipe clamp more energetic.


However, in the steel pipe clamp on the rotating part of the bolt and bearing pressure nut thread must pay attention to the need to add oil lubrication, then pay attention to the spherical chuck and the clamping screw thread wipe clean. If the wipe is not clean, grease attached to the thread will be more prone to slippage, the operation will also appear more dangerous.


The next step is to periodically clean the steel pipe lifting clamps. You must use rags or steel balls to clean the movable clamps and clamps on the pipe lifting clamps and other debris on the clamp bolts.


In the face of no way to remove debris, we should pay attention to the replacement of its spherical chuck and clamping bolts. This can to a large extent extend the life of steel pipe lifting clamp. And in the lifting of the time, be very careful not to enter the lifting of the hanging may occur within the scope.