Pipe lifting clamps storage and maintenance method

- Apr 09, 2018-

Pipe lifting clamps is a kind of tool used for lifting steel pipe items. It has a self-locking function, high work efficiency, convenient use, and is deeply loved by users. People often pay attention to its price when choosing a lifting clamp, even if the same lifting clamp is different in different stores.


This is because the quality of the pipe lifting clamps manufacturers is different, and the materials and production processes are also different, so the quality will be uneven, and the better the quality, the more expensive the price will naturally be. On the other hand, related to its brand, different brand prices will also be different; there is also that each brand will have a level of agents, and the price of each size of agents will be different.


In fact, for users, the most important thing is not the price of lifting pliers but its quality and service life. The most direct way to extend life is to maintain and store. What should be done in this regard? When the pipe lifting pliers are not in use, they should be stored in the room, so as to avoid rust caused by outdoor weather or excessive temperature difference, and to ensure the normal use of the pipe lifting pliers.


After lifting with a pipe lifting pliers, the operator cleans the above debris. We can use a rag or steel ball to remove it from the movable part and the chuck part and the debris on the clamping bolt. When it is impossible to remove the debris, replace the spherical chuck and the clamping bolt in time.


At the same time, it is necessary to regularly lubricate the bolts and bearings of the lifting clamps, add oil lubrication to the threaded parts of the rotating parts bolts, bearings, and pressure nuts, and then wipe the ball clamps and the threads of the clamping bolts clean to avoid threading. Attaches grease and causes unnecessary injuries.