Pipe lifting clamps use and daily maintenance skills

- Mar 01, 2019-

Pipe lifting clamps are suitable for horizontal lifting of steel pipes, round steels, cement pipes, etc.; they are forged from high-quality low-carbon alloy steel and must not collide with the objects being lifted during lifting. The pipe lifting clamp is rated for two tests, and two groups are used in the lifting operation. The test load is 2 times the maximum working load.


Pipe lifting clamps should be determined from several aspects such as storage techniques, how to carry out rust prevention, and regular cleaning when performing routine maintenance. Of course, when we carry out product maintenance, we must have the spreader in a very good state, so that we can maintain good performance when using the tongs, and achieve the desired results.


Periodically clean the parts of the pipe lifting clamp, and regularly apply the lubricating oil to prevent dry friction and jamming of the lifting clamps in the future. It is necessary to prevent it in a ventilated, dry and clean factory after using the equipment. This is very helpful to keep the equipment in good performance and can be recognized by many users.


Of course, when we choose products, we still need more attention. After all, the better the products, the better the products will be, and at least they can play a greater role in the use, at any time for the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment. It is vital that it can guarantee the foundation of a good benefit and thus be recognized by the customer.