Plain Trolley for H or I Beams use and scope of application

- Jul 07, 2018-

Plain Trolley for H or I Beams we can often see in factories and other places, to a certain extent can be effectively used together with its chain hoist, electric chain hoist, is an important lifting device. H or I steel hand-pushing monorail driving can effectively implement two types of driving and hand-drawn driving. The hand-drawn driving is driven by a bracelet, and the hand-propelled vehicle is driven by hand to push the heavy object, and can freely walk on the lower wing of the I-beam. On the edge.


H or I type steel hand push monorail driving use


H or I steel hand-pushing monorail driving is mainly driven by a bracelet, which can effectively walk to the lower edge of the rail of the I-beam to a certain extent, and can be effectively combined with a chain hoist to form a bridge, single beam or cantilever type. crane.


Plain Trolley for H or I Beams range


H or I steel hand-cranked monorail is suitable for factories, mines, docks, warehouses, construction sites, etc. Monorail trolleys are used to install machinery and equipment, and when lifting goods, monorail trolleys are especially suitable for non-powered locations. The monorail trolley is safe to use and easy to maintain. The monorail trolley is compact and has a small installation size.


Plain Trolley for H or I Beams single rail car wheel spacing adjustment is convenient, suitable for a variety of I-beam. The left and right wall panels of the monorail trolley are hinged. Under the action of gravity, the height can be adjusted by itself, so that the four wheels are evenly stressed. The monorail trolley has high transmission efficiency and small hand pull force. It can be driven on corners with a small radius of gyration.