Plate lifting clamp can not touch the five high-voltage lines

- Jun 21, 2017-

First, the plate lifting clamp is not overloaded. Before use, be prepared to check whether the weight of the lifting plate is within the load range of the plate lifting clamp.

Second, the steel plate lifting clamp can not simultaneously lift two steel plate, steel plate lifting clamp should be used within the tolerance plate thickness.

Third, the lifting process can not be quickly on the sudden, should maintain a uniform rise, or easily lead to steel plate fall.

Fourth, the use of steel plate clamp clamp steel plate, the center of gravity should not occur instability, tilt the situation. Therefore, for safety reasons it is best to use more than two hanging clamp.

Fifth, scrap steel plate lifting clamp can not continue to use.

Since the use of "high-voltage line" to describe the above five note, its risk can be seen, so the majority of steel plate lifting clamp users should pay attention.