Points for attention when using lever hoist

- Jun 16, 2020-

1. The use of overload is strictly prohibited, the use of unauthorized extension of the handle is strictly prohibited, and it is strictly prohibited to pedal the handle.
2. Before use, check whether the upper and lower hooks are hung firmly. The load should be added to the center of the hook cavity of the hook. Incorrect loading methods as shown in the figure are strictly prohibited.
3. The chain should avoid pulling heavy objects on sharp corners. When the items used for transportation are fastened, the lever hoist should be placed parallel to the items to be bundled.
4. Barbaric operation is not allowed, and the lever hoist is not allowed to be placed in rain or in a humid place.
5. It is not allowed to use when the chain is twisted. When the tilt angle of the upper and lower hooks is greater than 19°, the hooks should be replaced.