Points to note when lifting hoist by lever hoist

- Jun 13, 2020-

When using the lever hoist to lift the hanging scaffold, install one hand hoist on each of the suspended wire ropes. Pull the wire rope through the guide rope hole of the hand hoist to the direction of the hook, press and pull the forward handle reciprocally, you can lift and pull; pull the reverse handle reciprocally, you can fall or relax. Pay attention to in operation:
1. Do not use it overloaded, and add appropriate pulley block when necessary;
2. The forward handle and the reverse handle must not be pulled simultaneously;
3. It is strictly forbidden to pull the loosening handle (tension spring handle) during work to avoid the hoist from sliding down;
4. In any case, the structure of the body cannot be blocked longitudinally, so that the wire rope can pass through the center of the body smoothly, and the casing must not be deformed;
5. The length of the wire rope should be 2-3m longer than the height of the building, and pay attention to keep the rope away from the ground for a short distance to protect the wire rope;
6. When using, always pay attention to keeping the inside of the machine body and the steel wire rope clean and lubricated to prevent debris from entering the machine body;
7. When pulling the hand lever, if the hoist encounters obstacles, stop pulling the handle to avoid damaging the wire rope; 8. When several hand levers are lifted at the same time, pay attention to lift at the same time.