Precautions for the installation stage of the manual geared trolley

- May 15, 2019-

manual geared trolleys attention to many details. For example, each truck of the conveyor should have a distinctive sign, such as numbers, letters or colors; each truck should be marked with the rated lifting capacity. When the carrying device is detachable, its weight should also be marked.


Protective measures should be taken for the shear points, squeezing points and possible impact points in the fixed work area and personnel passages of the hand-drawn monorail. For example, it is safe when the shear point, the squeezing point and the possible impact point on the track are 2.5 m above the working area. In order to enable personnel to pass quickly in the operation area, the truck should be able to stop, and the distance between the two trucks in the direction of running should be no less than 0.5m in the space of 2m from the ground. This spacing should take into account the normal oscillation of the truck.


When the walkway leading to the operation area is blocked by protective equipment, the safety distance shall comply with the regulations. These safety devices should be interlocked with mechanical equipment where the conveyor is hazardous to personnel in the corresponding area. When the single-track driving is carried out in or above the fixed working area and the personnel passage, appropriate protective devices should be used to prevent the goods from being turned over or dropped to cause injury to personnel.


In order to prevent the vehicle and its surrounding fixtures and the trucks in its adjacent operating area from producing lateral dangerous pressing points in the running direction, the minimum safety distance should be ensured in each area below 2m in height to ensure the handrail monorail The normal use of driving.