Precautions when lifting drums with oil drum lifting clamp

- Apr 28, 2018-

As a special lifting tool, the drum lifting pliers can only be used for lifting drums, and can not be used for hanging parts outside the drum; if iron powder is installed in the barrel, in order to ensure the work under the condition of increased weight, The security must be lifted by 2 points.


It should be noted that drums cannot be lifted by drum lifting clamps, or old drums with edges that have been deformed and repaired, must be lifted after being confirmed; and for safety, more than 5 drums cannot be hoisted at the same time. Overloading is prohibited. The bearing capacity is controlled within the allowable range.


During lifting of the oil drum lifting clamp, attention must be paid to the binding of heavy objects. When tying a heavy object, the center of gravity of the object must be grasped to ensure that the object can rise steadily in space. If the center of gravity of the weight is not obvious, the heavy object may be lifted several times. The height of the lift does not have to be great, and then the bundled position of the rope is adjusted after the object is put down.


When the barrel lifting clamps tie the oil barrels, pay attention to the fact that the ropes and chains cannot be twisted; if the binding objects have sharp edges and edges, they must be protected with a gasket to prevent damage to the wire ropes; the remaining chains and the rope ends will be bundled. Handle properly so as not to injure others.


The work of bundling this link in the use of oil drum lifting clamp is actually very simple. As long as a little attention is paid, some undesirable phenomena can be avoided, so as to ensure that the drum lifting clamps smoothly lift the oil drums to the corresponding positions.