Protection mechanism of steel plate lifting clamp

- Jun 23, 2020-

1. Locking device, steel plate lifting tongs belong to ultra-lightweight level, easy to use, and ensure effective locking.
2. Spring clamping mechanism. The unique tightening mechanism of the steel plate lifting clamp can be automatically suspended, safe and reliable.
3. Bending mechanism. The surface of the steel plate clamp is provided with a curved cam structure according to various specifications, which is convenient for operation.
4. High-strength material mechanism. The steel plate lifting clamp adopts special alloy steel induction hardening and welded steel body to ensure high quality and resistance to cracking.
5. Rotating claw mechanism. The steel plate lifting tongs have a rotating claw structure, which firmly grasps the load hanging wheel to prevent the heavy objects from slipping off.
6. Easy-to-operate hanging big ring structure. The steel plate lifting clamp can operate the lifting and transportation of large steel plates.
7. Paint protection. The steel plate lifting tongs are made of epoxy resin paint. On the basis of a small increase in the thickness of the surface, the anti-wear and durability effect of the horizontal hanging steel plate tongs is greatly increased, and the service life is increased.