Quality requirements and types of drum lifting clamp

- May 24, 2019-

When the drum lifting clamp is used, it can be divided into several different models to meet our needs. In the operation, we can use different types of steel plate clamps according to the length and width of the steel plate and the stacking situation. Commonly used horizontal hanging steel clamps, mainly used for horizontal lifting of steel plates, laminated steel lifting clamps, mainly used for horizontal lifting of multi-layer steel plates and thick steel plates, vertical lifting lifting clamps, specially used for vertical lifting of steel plates, flipping Hanging clamps are mainly used for the flipping of steel profiles.


The drum lifting clamp is also the hanging clamp and lifting clamp that we are talking about. It is also one of the common lifting slings. In the purchase, the steel plate clamp needs not only to understand its model parameters but also to judge the quality according to the shape. Whether to pass.


First choose the model of the steel plate clamp. Steel plate tongs are divided into horizontal hanging steel tongs, vertical hanging steel tongs, inverted steel lifting tongs, laminated steel lifting tongs, single-plate lifting tongs, etc. Its main material is alloy steel, mainly used for steel plates. Horizontal and vertical lifting.


Second, select with the maximum load and the thickness of the board,


Finally, through the appearance of identification. The surface of the high-quality steel plate clamp should be free of cracks, damage, smooth and smooth. In addition, you can carefully observe the welding position of the clamp. The high-quality steel lifting clamp should have no gap, no slag inclusion, no welding deformation.