Reasonable matching of oil drum lifting clamps

- Jun 26, 2019-

The oil drum lifting clamps can be installed without ordinary hooks. When selecting the hook, you must know the lifting tonnage of the oil drum lifting clamp, so that we can choose a hook with the same weight as the oil drum lifting clamp, only to ensure that the hook has enough lifting weight to ensure Follow-up lifting safety.


Secondly, the hook of the oil drum lifting clamp is fixed and the safety tongue is installed. The hook mounted on the upper part can be opened and closed by pressing the tongue. We are lifting the oil drum lifting clamp. It is necessary to press the tongue so that the oil drum lifting clamp can be easily hung up.


The hooks of the oil drum lifting clamps are made of low-carbon high-quality alloy steel. In order to ensure the safety of the hooks, we must use good materials when making the hooks, and the alloy steel is A good choice, and the choice of low-carbon type materials, and then forged by high-temperature quenching technology, thus enhance the strength and toughness of the hook, in order to provide a more powerful guarantee for work safety.