Regular maintenance project for double steel plate lifting clamp

- Jul 05, 2019-

The double steel plate lifting clamp is simple in construction and convenient to use. It is a tool specially used for lifting horizontal and vertical steel plate objects. Although the steel lifting clamp is easy to use, it cannot be taken lightly. The nameplate label of the double steel lifting clamp is generally marked with the rated load. When used, lifting within the rated load range of the lifting clamp, overload events are not easy to occur.


Check the jaws and the fuselage of the double-steel lifting clamp for wear, cracks and deformation. If these conditions are necessary, early detection must be detected; the amount of dental floss wear on the non-slip board of the clamp head is checked. The function of the toothed skid plate is to make the steel plate lifting clamp and the steel plate clamp closer and closer to the steel plate fall accident. So if you find that the amount of wear is very large, you should replace the jaws immediately.


The double-steel lifting clamp's jaw opening degree is checked, and the opening degree is increased by more than 10% than the standard size. Then the jaws have been scrapped and the new lifting clamps should be scrapped immediately. Place the steel plate with 2 times the rated load on the lifting clamp and lift it. When it rises to 2 meters, stop it for 5 minutes. Then observe whether the steel lifting clamp is abnormal, and if it is deformed, it should be scrapped.