Requirements and selection principles for the operation of the machine moving skates

- Jul 08, 2019-

Since the machine moving skate is a handling tool, it may be used in a variety of handling operations. In the case of uneven ground, you can choose the more obstacle-moving machine to carry the tank. The advantage of this small handling tank is that When obstacles are encountered, they will automatically lift up and easily pass over obstacles. When the pits are automatically lowered, the height of the wheels can be adjusted automatically.


The machine handling tank has the ability to automatically adapt to uneven ground and also has a straight-through function. With a specially designed structure, it can overcome the weakness of the ordinary model truck and can pass smoothly. In order to carry out the handling smoothly, it is also a guarantee for the safety of the operation to select the appropriate handling tank.


In the handling operation, it may be necessary to transfer the weight of the moving object, so we can select the appropriate machine to carry the tank according to the working environment. The wheels of different types of machine handling tanks are also different. Choose the right machine to carry the tank according to the strength of the ground. Select the appropriate tonnage of the machine to transport the tank according to the tonnage of the heavy objects being transported during the operation.