Requirements for using double steel plate clamp and lifting methods

- Jun 25, 2018-

Double steel plate clamp can be divided into horizontal hanging lifting pliers and vertical lifting pliers in a certain extent according to the way they are used for lifting. The use of double steel plate clamps has a uniform distribution level lifting characteristics When lifting, open the jaws of the horizontal hanger and firmly clamp it on the weight of the work to be done, and then lift it. When dismantling, remove the tongs when the weight is on the ground and no load is applied. The vertical steel plate clamp is equipped with a self-locking device, which is safe and reliable. Easy to operate, high work efficiency, easy maintenance.

The use of double steel plate clamp

1. The surface of the double plate lifting pliers should be smooth and flat. To a certain extent, the welding place should be welded thoroughly, without slag inclusions, and no welding deformation.

2. Double steel lifting pliers should not have cracks, damage, rings, shaft holes and other cracks.

3. double steel plate clamps should slide freely.

4. Double plate lifting clamps shall be made of free forging or die forging.

5. Double steel plate lifting pliers can print the mark that is not easy to wear at two proper positions in the mouth of the jaw, and measure the distance of the mark as the basis for detecting the deformation in use.