Round chain hoist and triangle chain hoist

- Mar 06, 2019-

The chain hoists on the market are divided into circles and triangles. They not only have different shapes but also performance differences. So what is the difference between a round chain hoist and a triangle chain hoist? The circular chain hoist adopts the fixed method of the round shell, which is directly welded on the shell and then fixed on the wall panel by screws; and the triangular chain hoist improves the fixing manner of the shell and the wall panel, directly in the shell The upper opening is linked to the wall panel with a high-strength screw to make it more compact.


The difference between the round chain hoist and the triangle chain hoist is that the round chain hoist shell is thin, the cost is lower, the price is more reasonable, and it meets the needs of most people, and also satisfies most of the hand hoist use places. If there is no special demand, round chain hoists and triangular chain hoists can be selected.


In terms of structure, the round chain hoist is a double ratchet and double pawl; while the triangular chain hoist has only a single ratchet and a single pawl, and the use range is wider. In summary, the round chain hoist is safe and reliable, with higher mechanical efficiency and better price.