Round chain hoist use and operation

- Jan 09, 2019-

The round chain hoist is a kind of hand-operated hoist that is universal and easy to carry. It belongs to the improved product, the structure design is more reasonable, the volume is small, the weight is light, and it is close to the market. This is also the long-selling domestic and foreign market. important reason. Round chain hoists can be used for machine installation, cargo lifting, vehicle loading and unloading in industrial, agricultural construction, mining, etc., especially for open air and no power supply.


Overall, the circular chain hoist not only has a more advanced and rational structural design, but also has a novel shape. It has the advantages of small hand pull force, high efficiency and good safety performance. Of course, when working with a chain hoist, you need to know some safety skills.


First of all, when pulling the chain, it is necessary to make a steady force to prevent jump chains or card chains. If it is found that it is difficult to pull, you should find out the cause in time, do not pull it hard, and avoid breaking the chain or pin. It is necessary for the operator to specifically view the various parts and parts, including each chain of the chain, and the circular chain hoist should not be overloaded during use.