Scrap standards and characteristics of parts for single steel plate lifting clamp

- Jan 31, 2019-

When the single-plate lifting clamp is used, its horizontal hanging steel clamp has the characteristics of uniform horizontal lifting. The surface of the product should be smooth and flat, and the welding should be welded, free of slag and no welding deformation. The steel plate clamp shall not have cracks or breakage, and there shall be no cracks in the lifting ring and the shaft hole.


The steel plate clamp of the single-plate lifting clamp should be freely slidable, and it is mainly manufactured by free forging or die forging. The steel plate clamp can select two suitable positions at the jaw opening to print the mark that is not easy to wear, and measure the distance of the mark as the basis for detecting deformation during use.

Major parts scrapping standards

1. The jaw opening is more than 10% of the original size.

2. The shaft pin and shaft wear exceed 10% of the original diameter, and the ring wear exceeds 10% of the original diameter.

3. There are cracks on the surface.

4. The maximum wear of the caliper body exceeds 10% of the original size